How to Select Custom Draperies

Window treatments can transform your room. Custom window treatments are an important investment to your home. They will add style and ambiance to your space. With so many different sources, how do you decide what or where to purchase? When buying custom draperies, there are many things you should consider before making that final decision.

A general rule is your draperies should be two and a half times the size of the window you are covering. The fuller the panels, the more luxurious the window treatments will be. Interlining is another important factor for your panels. Your fabric selection is the most important factor in your window treatments. The quality of the fabric will literally make or break your draperies. When you look for fabric be sure your select quality textiles. Cheaper fabrics can result in fragile cheap draperies.

If you are using lighter fabrics like ivory or thin fabrics like silk, interlining is a necessity. A quality thick flannel interlining will give added body to limp silks, and help to preserve the color of lighter fabrics. The type of lining is another key factor. For linens, a cotton lining is appropriate to help keep the flow that linen draperies elude. A thicker sateen lining is great for silks and jacquards which require a heavier backing. For suede, velvet, and chenille, a semi blackout lining is a great option. This type of lining has the lighter feel of a sateen lining with the added benefit of a suede backing for a semi blackout result. It also gives the added body without the need to add interlining.

Side hems should be a minimum of 2″ double folded while the bottom hem should have a minimum of 4″ double folded. Blind stitching is absolutely mandatory, for a professional tailored look. Crinoline or buckram is added to the heading of the panels for stiffing. The results are firmer, tailored pleats, and an additional element to help hold the drapery pins in place. Finally, your panels should have covered weights hand sewn to the bottom of each corner of the panels. The purpose of the weights is to help the panels hang evenly.

These are some of the key elements that separate quality custom drapes from ready made curtains. Fabric window treatments will add warmth, your personal style and taste to your space. The difference is sumptuous, luxurious window treatments.