Why Choose Hunter Douglas Blinds and Shades?

We can help you create your dream home environment with the full line of Hunter Douglas custom window coverings – and more! We’ll help you select the most fitting and beautiful window coverings – from a wide variety of fabrics, colors, textures and styles, including The Alustra® Collection.Our distinctive service includes professional measuring, experienced installation and stylish design, all provided with a local flair since we’re independently owned and operated.There are definitely many brand options besides Hunter Douglas shades. There are a number of great brand names that can offer you quality shades and blinds. Hunter Douglas however does provide a couple of reasons why you should go for their blinds. This is not a direct promotion of the brand. This is simply a glimpse at what the company itself says it can offer customers.- One glaring reason to choose Hunter Douglas is because of its name and reputation. The company has been in the business of making blinds and shades since the 1940s. The fact that they are still around means that have had many satisfied customers through the years. The experience and expertise that they have acquired has made them a leading and trusted name in the industry.- Hunter Douglas has evolved with the times. Now, you don’t even need to go to a shop to explore your options. You can easily find an accredited dealer online. Many dealers also provide help and advice online. When shopping for a Hunter Douglas product, all you need to do is to sit in front of your computer.- Dealers of Hunter Douglas products don’t just sell. They also give relevant and expert guidance to buyers. You can get great shades or blinds even if you don’t know a thing about them. Accredited dealers can help you pick the right product based on size, design, material and price considerations.- Hunter Douglas shades are all energy efficient. Their shades limit the flow of heat, control heat depending on the season and diffuse daylight to ensure maximum daylight use. In other words, their products reduce the need for more energy for light and temperature control. This therefore also translates to more cash saved.



– The company’s shades and blinds have customization options. Products with custom lifting systems provide users with utmost convenience.

– Hunter Douglass offers a wide selection of product types and brands to choose from. This means you are never stuck with just a handful of options to pick from. There is always one product for every kind of customer. Some of the great options to choose from include silhouette shades, honeycomb shades, Roman shades, window panels and wood shades.- You may be feeling patriotic. In this case, Hunter Douglass products are a must buy for you. Their blinds and shades are made in the U.S. which is a big deal for many customers.- The company offers a lifetime guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty. As long as your blinds or shades are not intentionally damaged or are worn out by prolonged use, you can have them repaired at no cost. Custom motor systems have warranties for one year. You never have to worry about getting shades or blinds that don’t work properly.With all these great reasons to get Hunter Douglas shades, getting them should be a no-brainer.